Linking the financial bridge between China and Malaysia
As a financial bridge between China and Malaysia, we have the international business expertise to seize the business opportunities and expand your business horizon
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Linking the financial bridge between China and Malaysia

Professional digital bank transfer system
EAIB is based on AI technology and uses a unique multi-association parallel mechanism, value exchange protocols, distributed data storage, etc. to build a fast, low-cost, safe and reliable financial transfer network
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Professional digital bank transfer system

One-stop financial service
EAIB will join hands with various financial institutions in the group to provide you with personalized, comprehensive financial solutions and one-stop solutions for your financial needs
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One-stop financial service

Innovation leads finance, finance serves life
EAIB is committed to innovative ideas and advanced technology to lead the financial services and solve all your troubles in your overseas life
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Innovation leads finance, finance serves life

Main business
Personal banking

Provide professional international banking services to individual clients

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Corporate bank

Provide comprehensive cross-border financial services for corporate customers

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  • Quick account opening and easy operation

    Submit the application for account opening, and complete the account opening within 24 hours at the fastest. It is easy to operate and does not need to be on the counter.

  • Safe and reliable professional service

    Supervised by the Malaysian monetary authority, it has an advanced and perfect banking system to protect your capital and information security.

  • Mobility Management Global Offshore

    Help you quickly realize the collection and payment of global mainstream currencies and other financial needs.

  • Extensive business, time-saving and labor-saving

    We not only supports basic banking services such as online banking transfer and multiple currencies, but also a variety of financial and investment products. At the same time, it will support us dollar stock speculation. Please look forward to it.

About EAI Bank
Provide comprehensive and efficient cross-border financial services

Eurasia Bank is registered in the financial district of Labuan Island, Malaysia. It is an offshore bank with the Malaysian royal family and financial institutions from many countries as its shareholders. Headquartered in Malaysia, and has opened branches in mainland China and Hong Kong, China.
Eurasian Bank issued a Bank financial license authorized by the Malaysian Treated Department in Malaysia Special Administrative Region, the Bank financial license authorized by the Malaysia Treasury, is a financial institution with investment banks and digital bank qualifications.

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