Legal terms

I hereby make the following statements:

A.I guarantee the authenticity, accuracy, completeness and validity of the information provided below and take full responsibilities and liabilities for the information provided herein. If the information filled in or utilized by me, the person making statement, should be false, wrong, omitted or invalid, I will bear all the legal consequences and compensate for all the losses caused thereby to the information recipient.
B.I consent and authorize the Europe-Asia Investment Bank (“EAIBank”) under the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 and the Credit Reporting Agencies Act 2010 of Malaysia to obtain, use, transmit, disclose and/or retain my data (including but not limited to my personal information and other information and data provided by me to EAIBank) for all purposes stated in the Personal Information and Privacy Policy issued by (the copy of the Policy can be downloaded via the website of EAIBank at
C.I have read, understood and agreed upon the Policy of EAIBank, also understand that the Policy may be modified or updated by EAIBank from time to time, and therefore should obtain the latest version of the Policy via EAIBank website (at
D.I hereby authorize EAIBank to disclose my personal information to any third party for those purposes stated in the Policy, including but not limited to any service provider, vendor, debt collection agencies, professional adviser, industry/finance-related associations, Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (“IRBM”), fraud prevention agencies, governmental agencies and other financial institutions and/or any of their agents and/or affiliates, whether in or out of Malaysia.
E.I hereby agree and authorize EAIBank to obtain, use, transmit, disclose and/or retain my personally sensitive information for the purpose of such application.
F.I confirm that I have obtained the consent of any third-party individuals including but not limited to any mandates, authorized signatories, shareholders, directors, guarantors and relatives that have/may have provided their personal information during the course of my relationship with EAIBank. I confirm that I have informed all such parties to access EAIBank’s website at for a copy of the Privacy Policy.
G.I agree on and authorize EAIBank to send messages to my cellphone and email, including but not limited to verification code, account notification information, product information, marketing information, etc.
H.I have fully learned and understood the Account Terms and Conditions of EAIBank. I have read and agreed to be bound by the Terms and Conditions, and to accept the terms and conditions as amended by EAIBank from time to time.
I.I agree that I will not use the account opened for any illegal purposes, including but not limited to the receiving and paying method of any illegal transactions.
J.I agree to pay any applicable tax(es), whether currently in force or to be implemented and chargeable by law from time to time.
K.I hereby acknowledge that I, the person making the statement, am not bankrupt and EAIBank shall reserve the right (the absolute discretion) to approve or reject this account opening application.
L.I acknowledge and agree that the use of the account for transactions and appreciation is not an illegal activity as per the Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorism Financing And Proceeds Of Unlawful Activities Act 2001 (“AMLATFPUAA”). I fully understand that under AMLATFPUAA, EAIBank shall be obliged to submit any transactions to Bank Negara Malaysia or other relevant authorities. EAIBank and its employees shall be borne with no liability arising from such submission in respect of my losses and damages.
M.I hereby agree that EAIBank or its related companies, as provided under the laws, regulations, agreements, the regulatory requirements or regulatory instructions by FATCA and CRS, submit my information to regulatory or national tax authorities.
N.If there is any modification and change (change in the resident status, becoming a citizen of the United States, or having resident status/residency in another country inclusive) in the data provided by me to EAIBank, I guarantee to keep EAIBank informed within 30 calendar days. Simultaneously, I hereby agree that EAIBank may terminate my account/business and/or facilities granted to me by it if I should become a citizen of the United States or have the resident status/residency in another country.
O.I hereby acknowledge and agree that if I should fail to provide authentic, accurate and complete information and/or documents, EAIBank shall have the right to classify me as a recalcitrant account holder and/or suspend, withdraw or terminate my account/business.